1 minute about how scent marketing works
From a phone call to visual results in 1-3 days
Free equipment test drive
On the market since 2006 with more than 1000 customers
for sales increasement at commercial premises
We create an atmosphere that will be adored by your customers from the very first second
87% of all customers are willing to pay more in scented premises
— is an effect of the scent on the behavior of a visitor the main goal of which is to increase
sales or to neutralize an unpleasant odor.
Increase your profits by 5-25% just by using a unique channel of customer attraction
Up to 75% of the first impression of the brand is generated by scents
Brand trust increases by 25%
Why do scents attract customers?
≈ 2 minutes
Exclusive development of the best perfumers from France, Germany and the USA. Designed specifically for spraying with cold diffusion.
Premium / Премиум
Scents are synonymous to status, splendor and excellent taste. Complex formulas, multifaceted disclosure, expensive components.
Classic / Классические
Clear and effective scents, that work for a wide range audience
Gourmand / Гурманские
Gourmet scents bring an instant appetite both literally and figuratively (appetite for life, appetite for shopping, etc.)
Fresh / Свежие
A group of fresh scents, that are transparent, light and unobtrusive. Ideal for a soft, "elusive" effect
Seasonal / Сезонные
Perfect for decorating premises during various holidays or season changes.
Все тестеры ароматов доступны у аромадизайнера
that is suitable for any task
покупателей готовы платить больше в ароматизированных помещениях
2 минуты о том, как мы делаем аромамаркетинг
первого впечатления создает аромат в помещении
Download and see our catalogue with 65 scents
We manufacture our own equipment and are the exclusive supplier of the European brand Zaluti
with advanced aromatization technology
Designed to aromatize premises from 10 to
10 000 m2
Design (A designer line for interiors)
Perfectly fits any interior
Pro (A professional line for large premises)
High power and a large number of settings for any tasks
Vent (Ventilation equipment)
We are launching scent marketing through the connection with the ventilation system. Powerful equipment that can be connected to the supply ventilation system.
MDS «тубус»
Coverage up to 120 м³
MDX Turbo
Coverage up to 1500 м³
HVAC - 1000
Coverage up to 10000 м³
Air 2
Coverage up to 1000 м³
Air 7
Coverage up to 1500 м³
Air 10
Coverage up to 10000 м³
покупателей готовы платить больше в ароматизированных помещениях
2 минуты о том, как мы делаем аромамаркетинг
первого впечатления создает аромат в помещении
Download and see our equipment catalogue
A gift that will fill any house with a unique atmosphere and coziness.
Main components:
Flacons with a composition of scents for houses
It is possible to brand the label on the flacon
Cotton sticks
Rattan sticks
Rattan balls
Flowers for sticks
Perfume for premises
The scent is spread according to the principle of cold diffusion. The most innovative and advanced technology in the field of room aromatization:
Scent particles do not settle on the surface, clothes and in the air
50 times smaller than an aerosol droplet
The scent disperses evenly in the airspace of the premises
Each device is programmed to achieve the desired concentration of the scent in the premises.
We will help you calculate the estimated cost of aromatization of your premises
95% of retail business — may be better
The first to apply scents for business, he will come off all competitors.
Shopping centers and shops
Jack Canfield
Entrepreneur and co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, which has more than 250 titles and 500 million copies in print.
State institutions and banks
Motor salons
Restaurants, cafes and canteens
Sports and fitness centers
Beauty salons and SPA-salons
Night clubs, bars and concert halls
Entertainment centers and cinemas
Medical facilities and pharmacies
Tourist business, hotels and cottages
Business centers, offices and conference halls
Events, holidays and promotions
Increased impulse purchasing by 20%
Raised company loyalty by 25%
Extended the visitor's stay by 40%
Neutralized odors by 100%
Isaeva Evgenia
Head of Analytical Department
We have implemented scent marketing, so that our bank's customers would not only be seeing a beautiful interior, but would also feel pleasant scents and comfort!
Shipov Andrey
Manager of network of shops in Moscow
Among several companies, we chose "3 sense". They made a good presentation in our office, answered all of our questions and offered the best prices and terms!
Sklyaruk Alexey
CEO and Chief Dentist
They turned to make it easier to wait for patients in the hall ... The manager works very quickly, orders the fragrance today, tomorrow arrives and installs!
Development of a scent for LEXUS RUSSIA motor salons
Aromatization of cinemas while showing
Aromatization of major banks
of premium branches
Aromatization of large hotel chains in Moscow
We perform the most complex and responsible tasks of aromatization for large companies.
The main philosophy of the company:
"Each client is a separate project that requires attention to its details and features of the business"
about the company
Since 2006, we have helped more than 1000 companies increase there sales at commercial premises with the help of scents.
Sergey Shabala
Experience more than 7 years
More than 50 representatives in Russia and the CIS
More than 1000 satisfied customers
Russian and international certificates
Manufacturer of own equipment
Exclusive distributor of European equipment
More than 60 unique scents
The more pleasant the atmosphere is in the premises, the more time we want to spend there. We try on clothes, eat, evaluate
goods, rest.

Realizing this, we have created a company that influences the perception of comfort in practice with the help of aromatization.

Today, the premises are being aromatized by thousands of companies.

3sense gives a possibility not only to create a favorable first impression on the visitor, but also to produce a unique scent of the brand.
One of the founders of scent marketing in
Quality management systems ISO 9001
Equipment passed all technical regulation
norms of of the Customs Union
Rospotrebnadzor certificate of environmental safety of the scents
Do your scents cause allergies?
Our scents have been clinically tested and confirmed by the IFRA certificate. If you have received a negative reaction - it means that you have chosen the wrong dosage of spraying. Call us, we will send a technician and we will correct everything.
Why are your scents better than aerosols?
Aerosols have a limited range of impact, which is felt only during the time of injection and gradually fading. They smell cheap, do not give status, do not provoke appetite. In our sprayers, scent particles are 50 times
smaller than in aerosol, which allows them to spread evenly and provide a lasting and natural fragrance.
For what period of time does the capacity of the fragrance suffice?
With a daily 12-hour operation, the scent lasts an average of 2-3 months depending on the intensity of spraying it.
Is it possible to connect the sprayer to the ventilation?
In the range of all products there is a line of equipment that can be connected to the ventilation system.
Do you need additional investment when purchasing your products?
If necessary, you can order delivery services, a setup, installation and equipment maintenance. At the same time, in the delivery package there are included detailed instructions, allowing you to conduct all types of work yourself.
How best to place the sprayer?
For the scent to be evenly spread, it is better to put it in the beginning of the air flow. During the demonstration, the scent designer will show the best place the equipment.
Moscow, Ostapovsky pr-d, d.3 str.5
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