Start your business with income from 2500$*

on the aromatization of accommodation, beginning from the second month
Download the complete business plan for opening a business in your city.
* Average index of 34 active partners
Low competition
Due to a short business tern in Russia.
Over 50% of our customers cover their rent and supplies of fragrances. Average income is 150000 rubles per month.
Stable Income
The claimed product
The company has grown 10 times for 5 years
There are 4 reasons why 50 cities of Russia are already with us
Cheap and easy business operation
Due to minimal cost and flexible business model
Why to choose the Franchise in the AROMA-marketing field? Will answer this question. Watch 2 min video and get the answer why it is favorable to choose the Franchise in the ARO-marketing field.
Check how much you can earn - request for a calculation of the profitability
We work since 2007.
More than 50 representative offices have been opened in Russia and the CIS for the last 4 years.
The company "Third Sense" offers a full cycle of professional aromatization of accommodation- from production of fragrances and equipment to installation and customers service.
Market introduction
«Third Sense» foundation
Production in Russia and China
More than 50 representative offices have been opened in Russia and the CIS
our annual growth on the professional market of aromatization
WE are Number 1 of Franchise in Aroma-marketing field in Russia
is our Investment rate according to "Luxstone Group"
Becoming our partner you get:
Business introduction
— What is AROMA-marketing is?
— Who are our customers?
— What problems does AROMA-marketing solve?
How to attract customers
— How to get clients?
— Call-center, Yandex Direct and Google Ad promotion.
— Partnership: how to attract customers through the partners.
— Promotions, special offers, discounts for customers.
Instruction how to work with client
— Types of customers
— Before and after transaction objections
— Types of contract relationship: rent, sale, maintenance, technical support.
Work organization
— Sales department
— Technical department
— Service department
— Contract instructions (conclusion of a contract)
— Types of equipment and their productivity
— Features of the equipment
— Maintenance, warranty, repair
— Instruction how to choose the equipment
Working with equipment
— Choice of the right place for equipment
— Setting up the equipment
— Installation/ disassembly
— Service
— Composition of fragrances
— Classification of aromas
— Place of application
Tasting and demonstration of fragrances
— A live master class oа perfumery
— Tasting of fragrances
— Fragrances for business
— Rules for demonstration flavors to customers
Franchise feedback
Services your customers will use:
Aromatization an accomodation
Branding of aroma gifts
Manufacturing aroma-diffusers
Developing their own flavor
Creating promo- products
"Full-construction" business cost is 29 000 $
Franchising description
Basement payment
29 000 $
50 000 $
100 000 $
Purchase of equipment and consumables (before 15th of November for free)
3000 $
3000 $
3000 $
Equipment + Supplies
26 000 $
47 000 $
97 000 $
Training in Moscow (Head Quarter)
Corporate e-mail box
Corporate web- site (lending)
* Marketing info
(Brand book, calendars, brochures )
* Internet advertising
Transfer requests from the web- site
The right for the Exclusive work in the region
Other countries that already work with us
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